Dustin Lazarovici

Hi, I’m Dustin. I am a mathematical physicist turned philosopher of physics. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Humanities and Arts Department of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

In 2015, I received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Munich, where I worked on many-particle systems and the derivation of mean field equations under the supervision of Detlef Dürr.

I then joined the Institute of Philosophy at the Université de Lausanne (UNIL) as a Feodor Lynen Research Fellow before regressing back to a PhD student. In 2020 I received a PhD in philosophy for my thesis „Typicality as a Way of Reasoning in Physics and Metaphysics,“ supervised Michael Esfeld.

I am a Fellow of the John Bell Institute for the Foundations of Physics and a member of the international research network on Bohmian Mechanics.

My primary research interests are in: foundations of quantum mechanics, foundations of statistical mechanics, the arrow of time, the ontology of physics, and the metaphysics of natural laws.

I grew up in Offenbach am Main, Germany,  and studied physics and mathematics at the LMU Munich — with a great year abroad at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 

I strongly believe that there is truth, beauty, and meaning in the universe and that physics, philosophy, and mathematics can bring us closer to them.