Selected Talks

Typicality as a Way of Reasoning in Physics
Laws of Nature Discussion Series, 2022

Why the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics
Math-Phys Seminar Rutgers, 2021

The Dirac Sea as a Formalism and Ontology of Quantum Field Theory
Symposium: Particles, Fields, or Both? EPSA, 2021

Why field theories are not theories of fields
Symposium: Particles, Fields, or Both? CLMPST Prague, 2019

Typicality versus Humean Probabilities as the Foundation of Statistical Mechanics
The Chimera of Entropy II. John Bell Institute, 2019
Early Career Workshop: Philosophy of Physics. The City College of New York, 2019.

Arrows of  Time without a Past Hypothesis
Foundations of Probability Seminar, Rutgers, 2019
Conference: The Second Law, MCMP Munich, 2017

Typicality of Worlds and the Metaphysics of Laws
MAPS, NYU New York, March 2019.

The Frauchiger-Renner theorem
Oberseminar Mathematische Physik, LMU München, Dec. 2018.

Super-Humeanism: A starving ontology
SMS 2018, Milano

The wave function in a relativistic world
Workshop on Multi-Time Wave Functions. Rutgers (NJ), 2018.
4th international summer school in philosophy of physics. Saig, 2016.

Typicality and laws of nature
Workshop „Essentialism and realism in the metaphysics of science“, UNIL, 2018

Typicality and Probability
Kolloquium Wissenschaftsphilosophie, Uni Bern, 2017

Wigner’s false friends
Workshop: Understanding Quantum Mechanics, Lausanne, 2017

Against Fields
EPSA 17, Exeter, 2017
ECAP9, Munich, 2017
BSPS Annual Meeting, Edinburgh, 2017

Spacetime is One Whole – Priority Monism meets Structural Realism
SMS 3rd Annual Conference, New York, 2017
Tübingen Master Class with Jonathan Schaffer, Tübingen, 2017
The 91st Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society, Edinburgh, 2017

Relativity, Nonlocality and the Consequences.
SILFS 2017. Bologna, 2017.

A mean field limit for the Vlasov-Maxwell system.
Autumn School Mathematical Foundations of Physics. LMU Munich, 2016.

Mean field limits for charged particles.
Seminar Applied Analysis. Marseille, 2016.

A Time-symmetric Relativistic Model Violating Bell’s Inequality.
Conference: Free Will and Retrocausality in a Quantum World. Cambridge, 2014.
Workshop: Is quantum theory exact? Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, 2014.

Are ‚macroscopic laws‘ laws? – Typicality as the basis for statistical reasoning in physics.
Workshop: Reduction and Emergence in Physics. MCMP & CAS, Munich, 2013.

Bell’s Theorem.
Summer School: Quantum Theory Without Observers, Sesto, 2013.

What are Quantum States?
Workshop: The metaphysics of contemporary physics. Lausanne, 2012.

Public Lectures

Philosophy of Physics
Pizza, Philosophy, and Science, Bern, 2017